When the Federal Election Commission (FEC) released its Q1 2009 campaign fundraising data at the end of last week, the Minnesota media largely focused on how Michele Bachmann lead the Minnesota U.S. House delegation in contributions received.

But reports on Representative Bachmann’s fundraising success, and growing national profile, missed the key stories behind the FEC data.

First, Congresswoman Bachmann’s media blitz is actually landing her a greater percentage of funds raised statewide. In fact, the percentage of itemized funds donated by individuals raised by Bachmann outside of Minnesota during Q1 2009 is actually down from both Q1 2007 and Q1 2008. Contributions by Minnesotans have increased from 73.5 percent of all funds raised from individuals in Q1 2007, to 79.8 percent in Q1 2008, to 81.3 percent in Q1 2009.

Overall, Bachmann’s fundraising efforts have been quite impressive – the $313K raised in Q1 2009 is up 20.8 percent from the same period in 2007 ($259K). Bachmann nearly equaled her Q1 2008 efforts ($346K) – a remarkable feat as campaign contributions really start pouring in during even-numbered years.

But the biggest boon to the Congresswoman’s newfound media stardom during the past few months has actually been through her homegrown fundraising efforts.

In Q1 2009, Bachmann raised only 18.7 percent of her itemized funds contributed by individuals outside of the Gopher State, with 81.3 percent coming from Minnesota. In Q1 2007, 26.5 percent of her itemized contributions were raised by individuals from outside of Minnesota. In short, as the Congresswoman’s national profile has increased over the last few years, she is getting a greater percentage of financial support from Minnesotans.

Michele Bachmann First Quarter Itemized Individual Campaign Contributions by Location, 2005-2009 (Percentage)

Out of state

Note: FEC data compiled by Smart Politics.

First quarter contributions in net dollars to Representative Bachmann’s campaign from Minnesotans have also continued to increase. Bachmann raised 115.8 percent more money from individual Minnesotans in Q1 2009 than in Q1 2007, and 6.6 percent more funds than from Q1 2008. Meanwhile, funds contributed by individuals from out of state increased only 38.1 percent from Q1 2007 to Q1 2009 and decreased in net dollars by 2.9 percent from Q1 2008 to Q1 2009.

Michele Bachmann First Quarter Itemized Individual Campaign Contributions by Location, 2005-2009 (Dollars)

Out of state

Note: FEC data compiled by Smart Politics.

While DFLers and the left-wing blogosphere (and a few Republicans) have been extremely critical of Representative Bachmann’s comments on a whole host of issues in recent months, many fail to appreciate her substantial base of support – both district and statewide. That support base is now translating into a greater and greater percentage of and net dollars in homegrown fundraising over comparable quarterly periods from previous years.

Bachmann was able to draw at least $1,000 in individual contributions outside of Minnesota in seven states during this past quarter, led by Maryland ($7,750), Texas ($5,950), California ($4,800), Florida ($3,250), New York ($2,950), Viginia ($1,750), and North Carolina ($1,000). Overall, individuals from 17 states plus the Virgin Islands sent funds to Bachmann – virtually identical from the geographic distribution in Q1 2008 (16 states plus D.C.).

The second key story to come out of the recently released FEC report is that Congresswoman Bachman’s national profile seems to be generating an increasing percentage of contributions from individuals, as opposed to PACS.

In Q1 2007, 45.3 percent of Bachmann’s funds came from political action committees, with just 54.7 percent donated by individuals. Contributions by individuals increased to 69.2 percent in Q1 2008 and to 80.4 percent during this past quarter.

Michele Bachmann First Quarter Campaign Contributions by Type, 2005-2009

% Individuals
% Pol. Party Committees

Note: FEC data compiled by Smart Politics.

In short, Congresswoman Bachmann’s increased profile is generating her more support at the grass roots level – particularly in Minnesota. This growth can be seen by the fact that Bachmann raised 77.3 percent more money in contributions from individuals in Q1 2009 than in Q1 2007. Bachmann even raised 5.0 percent more money from individuals in Q1 2009 than in Q1 2008 – an election year.

Based on these strong financial numbers, one would expect Representative Bachmann to continue her frequent media appearances through the second quarter of 2009 and beyond.

UPDATE: The first two tables have been updated to reflect itemized contributions only (contributions of at least $200).

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  1. joseph grimme on April 20, 2009 at 11:32 am

    Hope for Preserving a Republic, at last!!

    I’m long past expecting socialists to learn anything from these FACTS of political life. However they’re funded, it is so reassuring to see a baseline, indesputable message of constance from a GROWING number of citizens that says, in essence, traditional standards are still our traditional standards.

    In constrast, we have the further misadventures of an ingrown, law-breaking incumbent, Rep Kahn, whose latest proposal “for” bicyclists will result in many of them taking a dirt nap as they disregard rules of the road to bicycle in front of motor vehicles. Brilliant, lefties. By the way, when was the last time mail theft was less than a felony, Phyllis?

    Doesn’t it bother anyone that she remains in office, caught in the act, of stealing campaign literature? On the surface, even DFL koolaid kids ought to have just enough instinct for self preservation to wonder why Rep Kahn would not want constituents to at least hear an opposing political point of view, much less apply basic standards of decent behavior from a fellow resident.

    I can only marvel at the kind of a culture that goes so far out of its way to attempt trashing Congressman Bachmann’s public statements, yet tolerates the high-school level minds that dominate the DFL.

    Urban residents here sure do have a flat learning curve. Thank goodness Congressman Bachmann is a sturdy Minnesotan of great character.

    Now, if we could only get Mary Kiffmeyer back in the game. She was the first Secretary of State who made me proud to be a resident.

  2. Karl Bremer on April 20, 2009 at 11:34 am

    Statewide support? Bullshit. Take out the money Bachmann has hauled in from the Lake Minnetonka suburbs of Minneapolis and Bachmann’s non-6th CD Minnesota money is miniscule. Bachmann couldn’t win a statewide race in Minnesota no matter how much money she raises.

    And please don’t be calling $2300 checks from wealthy financial industry contributors “grassroots.”

  3. TJSwift on April 20, 2009 at 5:03 pm

    The truth hurts doesn’t it, Karl?

  4. Minnesota Central on April 21, 2009 at 12:23 pm

    Granted that Bachmann did generate many in-state contributors, but did you notice that maybe a quarter of the contributors are max-out? (Will this mean lower amounts in future quarters?)

    Considering that this is early in the Donation Cycle and there is competition from other candidates (and condition of the overall economy), at this time, I would not expect a large portion of non-Minnesota contributors.

    I am more interested in the PAC money.
    On February 26, a Financial Services Industry Lunch was held at The Capitol Hill Club with Bachmann as the beneficiary. The suggest Co-host amount was $2,000 per PAC or $1,000 per Individual while regular attendees had a suggested donation of $1,000 per PAC or $500 per Individual. Is there anyway to know how much she gained from that event ? Looking at the FEC filing, I did not see any contributions for that date. And in looking at the contributions after that date, there were 21 PACs that made contributions and could be interested in her assignment on the Financial Services Committee:

    ACA International PAC ($5000 3/9), AFLAC Inc. PAC ($1000 3/7), Allstate PAC ($1000 3/30), American Bankers Association PAC ($1000 3/30), Citigroup PAC ($1000 3/31), Council of Insurance Agents PAC ($1000 3/31), Deloitte & Touche PAC ($2000 3/30), Hartford Advocates Fund ($1000 3/30), Indep. Insurance Agents PAC ($1000 3/30), Mortgage Bankers Association PAC ($1000 3/30), Natl Assn of Ins & Fin Advisors ($1000 3/31), NYSE Group, Inc PAC ($1000 3/30), Pricewaterhouse Coopers PAC ($2000 3/30), and Travelers Companies Inc. PAC (TPAC) ($2000 3/30).

    Some of these may have been normal contributions outside the Lunch, but it makes me wonder if these 2/26 dollars were not reported.

    Any thoughts ?

    And if anyone is concerned that Bachmann is not trying to get every dollar possible (and express her worldviews), she has scheduled :
    Happy Hour tomorrow (suggested donation $1,000 PAC;$500 Individual)
    A dinner on April 30 (suggested donation $1,000 PAC;$500 Individual)
    A dinner on May 6 (suggested donation $2000)
    A lunch on May 14 (suggested donation $1,000 PAC;$500 Individual)
    Happy Hour on May 19 (suggested donation $1,000 PAC;$500 Individual)
    A lunch on May 21 (suggested donation $1,000 PAC;$500 Individual)
    A reception on June 3rd (suggested donation $1,000 PAC;$500 Individual)

    So it may be good that Bachmann has financial support from inside the state, but why is she soliciting K Street so hard ?

  5. Hidden By on April 24, 2009 at 10:59 pm

    How does the MN money break down inside the sixth vs. outside the sixth…

  6. cpvern on May 1, 2009 at 9:05 am

    LOL, money well spent….NOT

  7. Andrea Woodall on June 12, 2009 at 9:41 am

    Those people need every penny taken away from there. They are so dishonest. I think Congress should go back and see how many Acorn voters voted for Obama and then go back and subtract that # of votes from his total and if the republicans have more…do not impeach Obama just tell him too bad too sad you out of here and put a republican in. He is also the most dishonest president there has ever been. He has ruined this country. I use to say at least respect the position if not the person…but right now I don’t even respect the position. the Presidency is a BIG JOKE.

  8. J.D. Roff on July 4, 2009 at 10:59 pm

    I say, “BACHMANN/PALIN 2012” would be the RINO’s and the Democrat’s worst nightmare. I have stood in awe of the Patriotic Statesmanship and knowledge and quick-wit of Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann on more than one occasion.

    And I realized that this nation can and will survive (only) and as long as enough of the Politically Proficient Class will recognize the Political Expediency of serving as an “Understudy” of a true “Statesman”.

    I am glad to say that my own congressman, whom I supported in the primary and general (Jason Chaffetz) has exhibited qualities of Statesmanship also,

    The ballot box and an informed electorate is the best and only possible way of averting the tyranny of the despotism of socialism.

    The populist idea of mandatory congressional term-limits is not the answer and could prove fatal to our Republic. Be wary of Judas Goats and agent-provocateers using the platforms of National Conservative Radio talk shows and or Youtube videos who espouse such rubbish. Do not be led or stampeded by these modern-day Pied Pipers without careful consideration.

    Now before anyone recoils at this thought, stop and think about the repercussions and havoc that a Constitutional Convention would have on our Sacred Document with the likes of Pelosi, and Reid, and Schumer (presiding), and others influenced and bought and paid for with Federal Reserve Fiat dollars provided by Soros and Rockefeller Foundations and foreign governments and others of totalitarian leftist persuasions.

    Opening up the U.S. Constitution for amendments is and has been for a long time the fondest hope and dream of Authoritarians and the Left. They see (and correctly so) the possibilities of totalitarian dictatorship by shredding and declaring sections, and most probably the entire document null and void.

    You say, they can’t do that!!!!!!

    Now I ask, who’s going to stop them?

    Once given the permission of a CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION, they will have the authority and credentials to have their way with the entirety of the whole of the document up to and including The Bill of Rights.

    We must become informed and educate as many opinion-molders as possible to stop this effort on their part, that is most assurely in their plans.



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