At 2,330 words, Ann Romney’s speech Tuesday evening was the longest of the 10 prepared remarks delivered by wives of presidential nominees in DNC and RNC history (longest in written form – putting aside delivery/laughter/applause etc.). That eclipses Laura Bush’s 2004 speech to the RNC which came in at 2,262 words. Michele Obama’s 2008 speech at the DNC is third (2,162), followed by Cindy McCain in 2008 (1,971), Hillary Clinton in 1996 (1,755), Laura Bush in 2000 (1,692), Teresa Kerry in 2004 (1,661), Tipper Gore in 2000 (1,639, including some pre-taped remarks), Barbara Bush in 1992 (1,203), and Elizabeth Dole in 1996 (800).

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