The late Senator from Hawaii served with 218 Democrats, 189 Republicans, and five independents and those from third parties; more Minnesotans served with Inouye than Senators from any other state (14)

danielinouye10.jpgThe passing of 88-year old Hawaii Democratic U.S. Senator Daniel Inouye on Monday afternoon marks the end of a legislative career that ranks as the second longest in the history of the nation’s upper legislative chamber.

From the day he took his seat on January 3, 1963 until his death, Inouye served with just three other Senators from the Aloha State including the retiring Daniel Akaka, with whom he represented Hawaii over the last 22 years, 7 months, and 2 days.

But in a Senate career that predated the Civil Rights Act, Inouye served alongside a total of 412 men and women in the U.S. Senate over the last 49 years, 11 months, and 15 days.

Among those were 218 Democrats, 189 Republicans, three independents, one Conservative, and one from the Independence Party.

Included among these 412 Senators were 14 from Minnesota, 13 each from Illinois and Tennessee, 12 from Colorado, Florida, and North Carolina, 11 from California, Georgia, New Hampshire, and Virginia, and 10 each from Missouri, New York, and Ohio.

Number of U.S. Senators Who Served with Daniel Inouye by State

North Carolina
New Hampshire
New York
New Jersey
South Dakota
New Mexico
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
West Virginia

Table compiled by Smart Politics.

In the wake of Inouye’s death and the end of Akaka’s term in a few weeks, Hawaii’s Senate delegation will go from that with the longest current cumulative service in the chamber to the shortest.

List of U.S. Senators Who Served With Daniel Inouye

J. Lister Hill, Alabama, Democrat
James Allen, Alabama, Democrat
Maryon Allen, Alabama, Democrat
Donald Stewart, Alabama, Democrat
Jeremiah Denton, Alabama, Republican
Richard Shelby, Alabama, Democrat / Republican
John Sparkman, Alabama, Democrat
Howell Heflin, Alabama, Democrat
Jeff Sessions, Alabama, Republican
Bob Bartlett, Alaska, Democrat
Ted Stevens, Alaska, Republican
Mark Begich, Alaska, Democrat
Ernest Gruening, Alaska, Democrat
Mike Gravel, Alaska, Democrat
Frank Murkowski, Alaska, Republican
Lisa Murkowski, Alaska, Republican
Barry Goldwater, Arizona, Republican
Paul Fannin, Arizona, Republican
Dennis DeConcini, Arizona, Democrat
Jon Kyl, Arizona, Republican
Carl Hayden, Arizona, Democrat
John McCain, Arizona, Republican
John McClellan, Arkansas, Democrat
Kaneaster Hodges, Arkansas, Democrat
David Pryor, Arkansas, Democrat
Tim Hutchinson, Arkansas, Republican
Mark Pryor, Arkansas, Democrat
William Fulbright, Arkansas, Democrat
Dale Bumpers, Arkansas, Democrat
Blanche Lincoln, Arkansas, Democrat
John Boozman, Arkansas, Republican
Clair Engle, California, Democrat
Pierre Salinger, California, Democrat
George Murphy, California, Republican
John Tunney, California, Democrat
S.I. Hayakawa, California, Republican
Pete Wilson, California, Republican
John Seymour, California, Republican
Dianne Feinstein, California, Democrat
Thomas Kuchel, California, Republican
Alan Cranston, California, Democrat
Barbara Boxer, California, Democrat
Gordon Allott, Colorado, Republican
Floyd Haskell, Colorado, Democrat
William Armstrong, Colorado, Republican
Hank Brown, Colorado, Republican
Wayne Allard, Colorado, Republican
Mark Udall, Colorado, Democrat
Peter Dominick, Colorado, Republican
Gary Hart , Colorado, Democrat
Tim Wirth, Colorado, Democrat
Ben Nighthorse Campbell, Colorado, Democrat / Republican
Ken Salazar, Colorado, Democrat
Michael Bennet, Colorado, Democrat
Thomas Dodd, Connecticut, Democrat
Lowell Weicker, Connecticut, Republican
Joe Lieberman, Connecticut, Democrat / Ind-Democrat
Abraham Ribicoff, Connecticut, Democrat
Chris Dodd, Connecticut, Democrat
Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut, Democrat
John Williams, Delaware, Republican
William Roth, Delaware, Republican
Tom Carper, Delaware, Democrat
J. Caleb Boggs, Delaware, Republican
Joe Biden, Delaware, Democrat
Ted Kaufman, Delaware, Democrat
Chris Coons, Delaware, Democrat
Spessard Holland, Florida, Democrat
Lawton Chiles, Florida, Democrat
Connie Mack III, Florida, Republican
Bill Nelson, Florida, Democrat
George Smathers, Florida, Democrat
Edward Gurney, Florida, Republican
Richard Stone, Florida, Democrat
Paula Hawkins, Florida, Republican
Bob Graham, Florida, Democrat
Mel Martinez, Florida, Republican
George LeMieux, Florida, Republican
Marco Rubio, Florida, Republican
Richard Russell, Georgia, Democrat
David Gambrell, Georgia, Democrat
Sam Nunn, Georgia, Democrat
Max Cleland, Georgia, Democrat
Saxby Chambliss, Georgia, Republican
Herman Talmadge, Georgia, Democrat
Mack Mattingly, Georgia, Republican
Wyche Fowler, Georgia, Democrat
Paul Coverdell, Georgia, Republican
Zell Miller, Georgia, Democrat
Johnny Isakson, Georgia, Republican
Hiram Fong, Hawaii, Republican
Spark Matsunaga, Hawaii, Democrat
Daniel Akaka, Hawaii, Democrat
Leonard Jordan, Idaho, Republican
James McClure, Idaho, Republican
Larry Craig, Idaho, Republican
Jim Risch, Idaho, Republican
Frank Church, Idaho, Democrat
Steve Symms, Idaho, Republican
Dirk Kempthorne, Idaho, Republican
Mike Crapo, Idaho, Republican
Paul Douglas, Illinois, Democrat
Charles Percy, Illinois, Republican
Paul Simon, Illinois, Democrat
Dick Durbin, Illinois, Democrat
Everett Dirksen, Illinois, Republican
Ralph Smith, Illinois, Republican
Adlai Stevenson III, Illinois, Democrat
Alan Dixon, Illinois, Democrat
Carol Moseley Braun, Illinois, Democrat
Peter Fitzgerald, Illinois, Republican
Barack Obama, Illinois, Democrat
Roland Burris, Illinois, Democrat
Mark Kirk, Illinois, Republican
Vance Hartke, Indiana, Democrat
Dick Lugar, Indiana, Republican
Birch Bayh, Indiana, Democrat
Dan Quayle, Indiana, Republican
Dan Coats, Indiana, Republican
Evan Bayh, Indiana, Democrat
Jack Miller, Iowa, Republican
Dick Clark, Iowa, Democrat
Roger Jepsen, Iowa, Republican
Tom Harkin, Iowa, Democrat
Bourke Hickenlooper, Iowa, Republican
Harold Hughes, Iowa, Democrat
John Culver, Iowa, Democrat
Chuck Grassley, Iowa, Republican
James Pearson, Kansas, Republican
Nancy Kassebaum, Kansas, Republican
Pat Roberts, Kansas, Republican
Frank Carlson, Kansas, Republican
Bob Dole, Kansas, Republican
Sheila Frahm, Kansas, Republican
Sam Brownback, Kansas, Republican
Jerry Moran, Kansas, Republican
John Cooper, Kentucky, Republican
Walter Huddleston, Kentucky, Democrat
Mitch McConnell, Kentucky, Republican
Thruston Morton, Kentucky, Republican
Marlow Cook, Kentucky, Republican
Wendell Ford, Kentucky, Democrat
Jim Bunning, Kentucky, Republican
Rand Paul, Kentucky, Republican
Allen Ellender, Louisiana, Democrat
Elaine Edwards, Louisiana, Democrat
Bennett Johnston, Louisiana, Democrat
Mary Landrieu, Louisiana, Democrat
Russell Long, Louisiana, Democrat
John Breaux, Louisiana, Democrat
David Vitter, Louisiana, Republican
Edmund Muskie, Maine, Democrat
George Mitchell, Maine, Democrat
Olympia Snowe, Maine, Republican
Margaret Chase Smith, Maine, Republican
William Hathaway, Maine, Democrat
William Cohen, Maine, Republican
Susan Collins, Maine, Republican
J. Glenn Beall, Maryland, Republican
Joseph Tydings, Maryland, Democrat
J. Glenn Beall, Jr., Maryland, Republican
Paul Sarbanes, Maryland, Democrat
Ben Cardin, Maryland, Democrat
Daniel Brewster, Maryland, Democrat
Charles Mathias, Maryland, Republican
Barbara Mikulski, Maryland, Democrat
Ted Kennedy, Massachusetts, Democrat
Paul Kirk, Massachusetts, Democrat
Scott Brown, Massachusetts, Republican
Leverett Saltonstall, Massachusetts, Republican
Edward Brooke, Massachusetts, Republican
Paul Tsongas, Massachusetts, Democrat
John Kerry, Massachusetts, Democrat
Philip Hart, Michigan, Democrat
Donald Riegle, Michigan, Democrat
Spencer Abraham, Michigan, Republican
Debbie Stabenow, Michigan, Democrat
Patrick McNamara, Michigan, Democrat
Robert Griffin, Michigan, Republican
Carl Levin, Michigan, Democrat
Eugene McCarthy, Minnesota, Democrat
Hubert Humphrey, Minnesota, Democrat
Muriel Humphrey, Minnesota, Democrat
David Durenberger, Minnesota, Republican
Rod Grams, Minnesota, Republican
Mark Dayton, Minnesota, Democrat
Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota, Democrat
Walter Mondale, Minnesota, Democrat
Wendell Anderson, Minnesota, Democrat
Rudy Boschwitz, Minnesota, Republican
Paul Wellstone, Minnesota, Democrat
Dean Barkley, Minnesota, Independence
Norm Coleman, Minnesota, Republican
Al Franken, Minnesota, Democrat
John Stennis, Mississippi, Democrat
Trent Lott, Mississippi, Republican
Roger Wicker, Mississippi, Republican
James Eastland, Mississippi, Democrat
Thad Cochran, Mississippi, Republican
Stuart Symington, Missouri, Democrat
John Danforth, Missouri, Republican
John Ashcroft, Missouri, Republican
Jean Carnahan, Missouri, Democrat
Jim Talent, Missouri, Republican
Claire McCaskill, Missouri, Democrat
Edward Long, Missouri, Democrat
Thomas Eagleton, Missouri, Democrat
Kit Bond, Missouri, Republican
Roy Blunt, Missouri, Republican
Mike Mansfield, Montana, Democrat
John Melcher, Montana, Democrat
Conrad Burns, Montana, Republican
Jon Tester, Montana, Democrat
Lee Metcalf, Montana, Democrat
Paul Hatfield, Montana, Democrat
Max Baucus, Montana, Democrat
Roman Hruska, Nebraska, Republican
Edward Zorinsky, Nebraska, Democrat
David Karnes, Nebraska, Republican
Bob Kerrey, Nebraska, Democrat
Ben Nelson, Nebraska, Democrat
Carl Curtis, Nebraska, Republican
James Exon, Nebraska, Democrat
Chuck Hagel , Nebraska, Republican
Mike Johanns, Nebraska, Republican
Howard Cannon, Nevada, Democrat
Chic Hecht, Nevada, Republican
Richard Bryan, Nevada, Democrat
John Ensign, Nevada, Republican
Dean Heller, Nevada, Republican
Alan Bible, Nevada, Democrat
Paul Laxalt, Nevada, Republican
Harry Reid, Nevada, Democrat
Thomas McIntyre, New Hampshire, Democrat
Gordon Humphrey, New Hampshire, Republican
Bob Smith, New Hampshire, Republican
John Sununu, New Hampshire, Republican
Jeanne Shaheen, New Hampshire, Democrat
Norris Cotton, New Hampshire, Republican
Louis Wyman, New Hampshire, Republican
John Durkin, New Hampshire, Democrat
Warren Rudman, New Hampshire, Republican
Judd Gregg, New Hampshire, Republican
Kelly Ayotte, New Hampshire, Republican
Harrison Williams, New Jersey, Democrat
Nicholas Brady, New Jersey, Republican
Frank Lautenberg, New Jersey, Democrat
Jon Corzine, New Jersey, Democrat
Bob Menendez, New Jersey, Democrat
Clifford Case, New Jersey, Republican
Bill Bradley, New Jersey, Democrat
Robert Torricelli, New Jersey, Democrat
Edward Mechem, New Mexico, Republican
Joseph Montoya, New Mexico, Democrat
Harrison Schmidt, New Mexico, Republican
Jeff Bingaman, New Mexico, Democrat
Clinton Anderson, New Mexico, Democrat
Pete Domenici, New Mexico, Republican
Tom Udall, New Mexico, Democrat
Kenneth Keating, New York, Republican
Robert Kennedy, New York, Democrat
Charles Goodell, New York, Republican
James Buckley, New York, Conservative
Daniel Patrick Moynihan, New York, Democrat
Hillary Clinton, New York, Democrat
Kirsten Gillibrand, New York, Democrat
Jacob Javits, New York, Republican
Al D’Amato, New York, Republican
Chuck Schumer, New York, Democrat
Everett Jordan, North Carolina, Democrat
Jesse Helms, North Carolina, Republican
Elizabeth Dole, North Carolina, Republican
Kay Hagan, North Carolina, Democrat
Sam Ervin, North Carolina, Democrat
Robert Morgan, North Carolina, Democrat
John East, North Carolina, Republican
James Broyhill, North Carolina, Republican
Terry Sanford, North Carolina, Democrat
Lauch Faircloth, North Carolina, Republican
John Edwards, North Carolina, Democrat
Richard Burr, North Carolina, Republican
Quentin Burdick, North Dakota, Democrat
Jocelyn Burdick, North Dakota, Democrat
Kent Conrad, North Dakota, Democrat
Milton Young, North Dakota, Republican
Mark Andrews, North Dakota, Republican
Byron Dorgan, North Dakota, Democrat
John Hoeven, North Dakota, Republican
Stephen Young, Ohio, Democrat
Robert Taft, Jr., Ohio, Republican
Howard Metzenbaum, Ohio, Democrat
Mike DeWine, Ohio, Republican
Sherrod Brown, Ohio, Democrat
Frank Lausche, Ohio, Democrat
William Saxbe, Ohio, Democrat
John Glenn, Ohio, Democrat
George Voinovich, Ohio, Republican
Rob Portman, Ohio, Republican
Howard Edmondson, Oklahoma, Democrat
Fred Harris, Oklahoma, Democrat
Dewey Bartlett, Oklahoma, Republican
David Boren, Oklahoma, Democrat
Jim Inhofe, Oklahoma, Republican
Mike Monroney, Oklahoma, Democrat
Henry Bellmon, Oklahoma, Republican
Don Nickles, Oklahoma, Republican
Tom Coburn, Oklahoma, Republican
Maurine Neuberger, Oregon, Democrat
Mark Hatfield, Oregon, Republican
Gordon Smith, Oregon, Republican
Jeff Merkley, Oregon, Democrat
Wayne Morse, Oregon, Democrat
Bob Packwood, Oregon, Republican
Ron Wyden, Oregon, Democrat
Hugh Scott, Pennsylvania, Republican
John Heinz, Pennsylvania, Republican
Harris Wofford, Pennsylvania, Democrat
Rick Santorum, Pennsylvania, Republican
Bob Casey, Pennsylvania, Democrat
Joseph Clark, Pennsylvania, Democrat
Richard Schweiker, Pennsylvania, Republican
Arlen Specter, Pennsylvania, Republican / Democrat
Pat Toomey, Pennsylvania, Republican
John Pastore, Rhode Island, Democrat
John Chafee, Rhode Island, Republican
Lincoln Chafee, Rhode Island, Republican
Sheldon Whitehouse, Rhode Island, Democrat
Claiborne Pell, Rhode Island, Democrat
Jack Reed, Rhode Island, Democrat
Strom Thurmond, South Carolina, Democrat / Republican
Lindsey Graham, South Carolina, Republican
Olin Johnston, South Carolina, Democrat
Donald Russell, South Carolina, Democrat
Ernest Hollings, South Carolina, Democrat
Jim DeMint, South Carolina, Republican
Karl Mundt, South Dakota, Republican
James Abourezk, South Dakota, Democrat
Larry Pressler, South Dakota, Republican
Tim Johnson, South Dakota, Democrat
George McGovern, South Dakota, Democrat
James Abdnor, South Dakota, Republican
Tom Daschle, South Dakota, Democrat
John Thune, South Dakota, Republican
Al Gore, Sr., Tennessee, Democrat
Bill Brock, Tennessee, Republican
Jim Sasser, Tennessee, Democrat
Bill Frist, Tennessee, Republican
Bob Corker, Tennessee, Republican
Estes Kefauver, Tennessee, Democrat
Herbert Walters, Tennessee, Democrat
Ross Bass, Tennessee, Democrat
Howard Baker, Tennessee, Republican
Al Gore, Jr., Tennessee, Democrat
Harlan Matthews, Tennessee, Democrat
Fred Thompson, Tennessee, Republican
Lamar Alexander, Tennessee, Republican
Ralph Yarborough, Texas, Democrat
Lloyd Bensten, Texas, Democrat
Bob Krueger, Texas, Democrat
Kay Bailey Hutchison, Texas, Republican
John Tower, Texas, Republican
Phil Gramm, Texas, Republican
John Cornyn, Texas, Republican
Frank Moss, Utah, Democrat
Orrin Hatch, Utah, Republican
Wallace Bennett, Utah, Republican
Jake Garn, Utah, Republican
Bob Bennett, Utah, Republican
Mike Lee, Utah, Republican
Winston Prouty, Vermont, Republican
Robert Stafford, Vermont, Republican
Jim Jeffords, Vermont, Republican / Independent
Bernie Sanders, Vermont, Independent
George Aiken, Vermont, Republican
Patrick Leahy, Vermont, Democrat
Harry Byrd, Virginia, Democrat
Harry Byrd, Jr., Virginia, Democrat / Independent
Paul Trible, Virginia, Republican
Chuck Robb, Virginia, Democrat
George Allen, Virginia, Republican
Jim Webb, Virginia, Democrat
Willis Robertson, Virginia, Democrat
William Spong, Virginia, Democrat
William Scott, Virginia, Republican
John Warner, Virginia, Republican
Mark Warner, Virginia, Democrat
Scoop Jackson, Washington, Democrat
Daniel Evans, Washington, Republican
Slade Gorton, Washington, Republican
Maria Cantwell, Washington, Democrat
Warren Magnuson, Washington, Democrat
Brock Adams, Washington, Democrat
Patty Murray, Washington, Democrat
Robert Byrd, West Virginia, Democrat
Carte Goodwin, West Virginia, Democrat
Joe Manchin, West Virginia, Democrat
Jennings Randolph, West Virginia, Democrat
Jay Rockefeller, West Virginia, Democrat
William Proxmire, Wisconsin, Democrat
Herb Kohl, Wisconsin, Democrat
Gaylord Nelson, Wisconsin, Democrat
Robert Kasten, Wisconsin, Republican
Russ Feingold, Wisconsin, Democrat
Ron Johnson, Wisconsin, Republican
Gale McGee, Wyoming, Democrat
Malcolm Wallop, Wyoming, Republican
Craig Thomas, Wyoming, Republican
John Barrasso, Wyoming, Republican
Milward Simpson, Wyoming, Republican
Clifford Hansen, Wyoming, Republican
Alan Simpson, Wyoming, Republican
Mike Enzi, Wyoming, Republican

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