The Michigander served alongside 86 percent of all female U.S. Representatives elected to the chamber through the 113th Congress

johndingell10.jpegWith just a few weeks left in his record-setting tenure on Capitol Hill, Michigan Democratic U.S. Representative John Dingell will soon be saying his good-byes to dozens of colleagues in Congress.

Dingell, of course, owns the mark for the most days served in Congress.

The 30-term Democrat will hit the 59-year mark in the nation’s lower legislative chamber on December 13th and will end his legislative career in January with 59 years and 21 days of service.

Smart Politics has previously reported on the other jaw-dropping numbers Dingell has amassed while in office including the number of men and women he has served with in the chamber since taking office in December 1955.

Since that report was published two special elections were held in Florida and three were conducted on November 4th that saw the election of Democrats Donald Norcross in NJ-01 and Alma Adams in NC-12 and Republican Dave Brat in VA-07 to pad Dingell’s numbers even more.

The final tally?

Dingell ends his career having served alongside 2,453 U.S. Representatives across his 59+ years in office.

Dingell shared the House floor with 210 U.S. Representatives from California, 196 from New York, 139 from Pennsylvania, 127 from Texas, 122 from Illinois, 115 from Ohio, 91 from Florida, 88 from his home state of Michigan, 71 from New Jersey, and 69 from North Carolina.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Michigan congressman served alongside only four U.S. Representatives from Alaska and eight each from Delaware, Vermont, and Wyoming.

On January 3rd, Dingell will have served in the majority for 15,727 of his 21,571 days in office (1955-1994, 2007-2010), or 73 percent of the time, and with slightly more members of his own caucus than Republicans.

Since entering the U.S. House, Dingell worked with a total of 1,256 Democrats, 1,178 Republicans, and 19 representatives who either switched parties or served as independents.

Over 90 percent of the Michigan Democrat’s colleagues have been men during his years in office: 2,229 men and 224 women.

That means Dingell has served with 86 percent of the 261 female U.S. Representatives who took office through the 113th Congress.

(During his tenure between 1933 and 1955, Dingell’s father, John Sr., worked with 27 of the remaining 37 female U.S. Representatives who exited the chamber before John Jr. took office).

That tally includes all seven women elected to the chamber from Dingell’s home state: Republican Ruth Thompson (from 1955 to 1957), Democrat Martha Wright Griffiths (1955-1974), Democrat Barbara-Rose Collins (1991-1997), Democrat Lynn Rivers (1995-2003), Democrat Debbie Stabenow (1997-2001), Democrat Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick (1997-2011), and Republican Candice Miller (2003-present).

For a complete list of all 2,453 U.S. Representatives to serve with John Dingell since 1955 click here.

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