With former 2016 presidential front runner Scott Walker registering an eye-opening zero percent in the latest CNN survey of registered Republican voters, speculation will likely mount as to whether the Wisconsin governor is going to follow Rick Perry as the second GOPer to exit the race. Walker might have the funds to keep his campaign alive for some time to avoid that fate despite his very low polling numbers, however he needs to last another two months to simply match the duration of fellow Wisconsinite Tommy Thompson’s presidential campaign from eight years ago. Thompson, who barely registered in the polls that cycle, managed to last 131 days on the campaign trail from April 4 to August 12, 2007. Walker, who officially entered the race on July 13th, won’t reach the 131-day mark until November 20th. By that time two more debates (in Colorado and the Badger State) will likely have been conducted among the GOP contenders and one would expect the field to have shrunk below its current level of 16 candidates. Will Walker be among them?

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