The magic number of the 2016 cycle may at times seem out of reach, but it is all around us – if you know where to look

123720The road to 1,237 delegates to clinch the Republican nomination has been particularly long and rocky this election cycle – and may ultimately still be out of reach for Donald Trump before the national convention convenes in Cleveland this July.

But for those who think 1,237 has become some kind of troubling, elusive number this political season, Smart Politics offers evidence that the number can be found all around the world – you may just have to look a little harder…

For example, the town of Haven, Kansas – located in the central part of the state – had a population of 1,237 residents as of the 2010 U.S. Census.

For those who like travel and sightseeing, there are exactly 1,237 steps to peace and happiness – reaching the top of the Tiger Cave Buddhist temple in Krabi, Thailand.

Travel to ZIP code 01237 and you will find Lanesboro, Massachusetts. The town of 3,000+ residents voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 Republican presidential primary with 49.1 percent of the vote (133 of 271 GOP votes cast).

China has the eighth largest diversity of birds in the world at 1,237 species – trailing Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Indonesia, Bolivia, and Venezuela.

Makurdi, Nigeria receives an average of 1,237 mm of rainfall per year (48.7 inches). So does Malacatoya, Granada.

On the financial front, the Dow Jones Industrial Average first closed above 1,237 on June 15, 1983 (1,237.28). It last closed below that mark on January 17, 1985 (1,227.36).

Interestingly, the price of gold at the time of this writing on Sunday, May 1st is $1,237 per ounce.

Atlanta Braves shortstop Erick Aybar notched two singles on Friday, the second of which was his 1,237th base hit in a loss against the Chicago Cubs. [Through Sunday, a total of 929 players in Major League Baseball history have tallied at least 1,237 hits for their career].

And so, when all is said and done, 1,237 isn’t such a bad number, is it? It’s just been misunderstood – a number used to living in the shadows that has unexpectedly been thrust into the spotlight.

In fact, one might say there is beauty to its mathematical symmetry: 1 + (2×3) = 7.

Or, alternately, 1 = | (2×3) -7 |

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  1. Nikoli Orr on May 1, 2016 at 7:39 pm

    1. Hmmm…Columbia Records may in fact have a branch office in COLOMBIA, which is way better known for producing a certain pharmaceutical good, widely and illicitly comsumed in the US (approx. one-quarter of global use).
    2. “…1237 mm of rainfall…” Go boldly METRIC, yeah!

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