Political observers get to follow the returns of two U.S. House special elections held today in North Carolina (NC-03 and NC-09). The last time two specials were held on the same day in the same state outside of a November midterm or presidential Election Day was on May 3, 2008 when Republican Steve Scalise and Democrat Don Cazayoux were victorious in Louisiana’s 1st and 6th CDs respectively. The only other state to host such an event during the last quarter century was California on April 7, 1998 when Democrats Barbara Lee (9th CD) and Lois Capps (22nd CD) were elected to congress. There have been a handful of other days during which two specials were held in different states outside of the November cycle over the last 25 years: on December 12, 1995 (CA-15, IL02), October 16, 2001 (FL-01, MA-09), December 11, 2007 (OH-05, VA-01), September 13, 2011 (NV-02, NY-09), and June 20, 2017 (GA-06, SC-05).

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